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It’s Pickin’ Time!

There were two things that I used to do immediately after buying a new mac:

1. Think deeply about its name.
2. Download new icon sets for it from the IconFactory.

It’s hard to find an old skool mac junkie who hasn’t spent way too much time shift-reloading their homepage just to watch the random animated pixel-logo gifs (RIP-ing along with other OS9 awesome stuff.. kaleidoscope, anyone?). Just about the only thing said junkie might have spent more time doing (well, besides working and playing Marathon) is getting into silly debates with Windows fanatics about multi-button mice.

But I digress. The Iconfactory has really grown since their days of just making cool stuff for macs – they now do beautifully drawn software icons for Windows and Mac, make a host of icon-making tools and really, really sweet iPhone games.

Frenzic was the first one I played. Forget the fact that it’s completely and infuriatingly addictive. It’s GORGEOUS. Ramp Champ was the second – so stuffed full of beautiful, intricate illustration that I almost forget how fluid and intuitive the interface is. Which brings me to Pickin’ Time.

It’s really just a glorified version of Memory (you choose a veggie to pick and then pick it out of the subsequent screens.) Sounds easy, right? I’m sure it is – at least when the freakin’ tomato isn’t doing some kind of secret ninja mind game to get you to click on it when you really meant to click on the apple.

Download it to your iphone through the app store or online.

And, if you’re a still an icon junkie, be sure to pick up Dave Lanham’s beautiful Pickin’ Time icon set for Mac, Windows & Candybar.

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